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Student & Educational Expeditions

The Source for Costa Rica Educational Adventure Travel

Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures student & educational expeditions endeavors to offer our clients opportunities to expand their horizons through travel. Founded and lead by professional educators and travel experts, Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures realize the true benefits of an educational program. What better way to experience an in-depth discovery of Costa Rica than to experience it first-hand under the guidance of expert naturalists and educators. Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures student & educational expeditions adheres to a strong educational philosophy when designing each tour, whether the emphasis is on adult education or tours appropriate for student groups. We have developed a number unique relationships with university field study programs, conservation societies, eco-study organizations, language schools and community service projects to provide you with a very special educational travel opportunity. Whatever your interest or focus we have the expertise and operational experience to provide you with a high quality, meaningful, non-tourist, in-depth educational experience.

Our Mission "Enhancing travelers' lives through education"

The mission of Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures is to enhance the lives of students of any age by extending educational programming into the worldwide classroom and providing the best opportunity for learning through seeing, experiencing, and interacting.

Service & Experience

Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures provides the utmost in personalized service. We coordinate every aspect of your program. We work behind the scenes to ensure a safe, fun and memorable experience for each participant.

Our years of experience allow us to handle all of the logistics from start to finish:

  • All development, reservations & logistical planning
  • Round trip air and /or deluxe motor coach transportation
  • Quality hotel & lodging accommodations
  • Escorts, naturalist guides, lecturers, educators
  • Nutritious and plentiful food service
  • Highest quality leaders, lecturers & educational programming

Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures will put together the educational component appropriate for your tour or choose the programming that is of interest to you and your group. These include a list of lecturers and educators with expertise in bio-study, conservation, nature, language study, youth programming and much more.

The Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures Difference!

Safety is our first priority

Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures considers the safety and security of our participants to be the top priority. Being based in Costa Rica is not enough; putting together travel programs takes much more to ensure the perfect and safest possible program. We travel to destinations that have been fully explored by our staff, giving us intimate knowledge of the area. Comfortable transportation and lodging have been specifically picked that are group-friendly to insure maximum comfort and peace of mind. We have an excellent staff-to-participant ratio so that every one of our clients' needs is met. For our younger groups, we ensure that the group is supervised at all times and each day is fully programmed. Free time to explore is offered in small groups in controlled areas with an accompanying staff member.

Why Educational Travel with Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures?

Customized Tour Development: Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures develops unique, customized educational travel programs for each group. An experienced, licensed Educator is assigned to assist in planning specialized travel itineraries, including all transportation, meals, lodging, and programming.

Quality Leadership: Each Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures Student & Educational Expedition is staffed with a full-time educator who is responsible for all educational content, guiding, and logistics. Many educators are teachers, university professors, tour leaders, and naturalists. They are dynamic and energetic professionals who are experts in engaging groups.

Outstanding Educational Content: To prepare groups for their adventure, KE, Academic Expeditions provides relevant educational resources prior to each trip.  This content is then brought to life during the trip through lively and meaningful presentations. Groups are met at their level of interest and knowledge, with powerful and stimulating information.

Premium Accommodations and Amenities: Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures Student & Educational Expeditions uses only premium properties for its tours. We choose comfortable, clean, and spacious lodgings which are suitable for younger student groups. Meals are nutritious, well-balanced, and plentiful.

Safe and Secure Travel: Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures is one of the most established tour operators in the industry with over 20 years’ experience having run tours for thousands of students in Costa Rica and worldwide; not to mention we maintain one of the most comprehensive travel protection policies in the industry.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance: Detailed itineraries and contact numbers to our offices and lodgings are provided to each participant and their families along with our 24-hour emergency toll-free contact numbers.

Gateway to a Great Time: Let Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures take care of the details of your travel program so you and your group members can sit back, enjoy, learn, and experience memories that will last a lifetime!

Customized tours and educational programming to fit your group

Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures Student & Educational Expeditions has developed a number of tour and educational categories to satisfy your groups' interests:

Scholar & Lecture Series: Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures will supply your tour with a knowledgeable regional expert; if you are interested in a particular lecturer or scholar to accompany your program, we will make the necessary arrangements and gear the tour toward your particular academic interests. Through education and expert leadership we strive to provide an in-depth understanding of the destinations we travel, whether you explore and seek out the elusive Quetzal in the cloud forests of Monteverde, geothermal renewable energy programs at the Arenal Volcano or study with top-tier scientists at university filed schools we have the expertise and operational experience to develop your perfect travel program.

Student Programming: Our educators have developed curriculum dedicated to helping students of all ages discover history, nature and science in a whole new way. Our educators have put together programs that can be geared toward your group's particular interests to provide participants with a fun and new way to experience and learn about their destinations.