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Private & Customized Group Trips

Customized touring is our specialty and what make us different for other tour operators or destination management companies.  Whether you are a group of 2 to 2000 we have the expertise and operational experience to provide you with your perfect vacation or event.

Does the idea of a private or customized excursion for your friends, family, business colleagues, special interest group, camp, school or destination wedding sound appealing?  Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures is more than happy to put together special dates and arrangements that fit your needs.  Choose one of our sample programs in our catalogue if you have something different in mind, we can discuss the best time of year, trip leaders, accommodations, and custom itineraries.  Special travel discounts are available for group travel.  Group numbers vary per trip so please call for details.

One travel program does not fit all, so Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures has developed a number of different touring categories that we specialize in:

Luxury Expeditions: Travel in ultimate comfort and ease. Tours are at a moderate pace with stays in first class hotels and resorts.

Adventure Expeditions: For those looking for a more active vacation, these programs usually include more outdoor activity focusing on wildlife observation in natural habitats. You decided on your level of adventure. Lodging ranges from first class accommodations to local inns, lodges and outdoor camping.

Educational Expeditions: The mission of Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures student and educational tours is to enhance the lives of students of any age by extending educational programming into the worldwide classroom and providing the best opportunity for learning through seeing, experiencing, and interacting.  Education program categories include bio-study, language immersion, community service, eco-conservation & sustainability and alternative energy.

Student Expeditions: Our educators have developed educational tours with curriculum dedicated to helping students discover history, science, nature, community and adventure in a whole new way. Our educators have put together programs that can be geared toward your group's particular interests to provide participants with a fun and new way to experience and learn about their destination.

Groups:  No matter the size of your group we have the ability to accommodate all of your group’s needs; from custom itinerary development to special interest requests. Our staff of group leaders, guides and educators will make sure every aspect of your tour is taken care of and runs efficiently.    

Events: As an experience destination management company we have the expertise to develop for you the perfect venue and program for your next event.  No matter the size of your group we will work with you to identify the perfect venue, meals service, transportation, meeting space, décor, staffing and activities to satisfy all you group’s needs.  


Costa Rica is the perfect destination for events and conferences!  Many organizations and groups that we have worked with use Costa Rica as their destination due to easy of travel (a beautiful, safe and exotic destination only 2.5 hour flight from Miami, with many direct flights from all over the world) as a way to stimulate group or organizational cohesiveness, or to facilitate a bunch of friends and family looking for a great time. We take care of all logistical details including:

  • Development and publishing of your own personalized tour website just for your group and tour.
  • Marketing material development and processing including customized flyers and post cards.
  • Professional personalized e-newsletter and e-blast tour updates going out to all your members whenever you request it.
  • Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures customer service including taking care of all registration and phone support through our offices and website giving you peace of mind and letting you have the time you need only to promote this opportunity to your members.

Treks Costa Rica & Arawak Adventures develops and runs the program for the group supplying the organization with a net price per person. The group or organization then decides on the final price of the tour with proceeds to be used at the client's discretion. In most cases the participants can use the tours as a tax deduction for non-profit organizations.

Call us for more information. If you would like more information on a particular destination, detailed itineraries are available upon request. For groups, let us know which of our destinations is of interest and a destination specialist will be happy to put together a detailed tour proposal.