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Northern Pacific: Guanacaste

Guanacaste draws visitors with its stunning shoreline, incredible bird watching, amazing horseback riding, excellent surfing, superb snorkeling and first class hotels; from small surf camps to the luxurious Four Season Hotel, it’s easy to understand why so many people come to visit this amazing province.  A major reason why tourism has boomed in this region is the opening of the new Liberia International Airport and which now gives easier access to this once isolated region with beach front hotels now only 30 minutes away upon arrival.  Forming the eastern borders of Guanacaste are a chain of volcanoes offering some truly terrific hiking facilities where tourists can trek their way to the summit of a number of volcanoes, including the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano area. Passing through lovely lush dense forests, host to a fabulous array of exotic plant and wildlife, many rare and endangered animals and birds live here including jaguars and tapirs. From these mountains also flow various rivers that roll down to form an alluvial plain drained by the Rio Tempisque. This river in turns nurtures the province before emptying itself into the Golfo de Nicoya making one of the best bird watching areas in Costa Rica.  Guanacaste's climate and culture are unique among Costa Rican provinces. The province experiences little rain and consistent heat from November to April, resulting in tropical dry forests as a natural adaption to the dry season conditions. Touristic beaches, international airport, and lot of resorts makes this territory a paradise for all visitors; where a surfer can conquer a wave, plenty of courses for golf enthusiasts and perfect conditions for sailing and fishing or just relaxing in the sun. 

Activities Guanacaste

Diving & Snorkeling: The northern half of Costa Rica's Pacific coast contains some of themost popular diving and snorkeling spots in the country. Abundant in marine life, visitors to certain diving hot-spots are almost guaranteed to catch sight of sharks, manta rays and other big fish. The best scuba diving and snorkeling in Guanacaste includes dive trips to the famous Bat Islands or Murcielagos Islands, located off the coast off the Santa Rosa National Park of the Guanacaste Conservation Area. This group of islands is influenced by strong oceanic currents, with cold as well as tropical warm currents. Therefore, the visibility and wildlife is incredible, with healthy and abundant schools of hundreds of species of fish and turtles, rays, bull sharks and many more.  Other famous dive sites in Guanacaste includes Catalina Islands, Brummell and other islands off the coast, as well as some local diving sites that are closer to the resorts and beach hotels.

Fishing: Guanacaste is a fishing a paradise for anglers. World famous for its quality and variety of fishing species provides for an awesome deep sea fishing experience inshore of the Papagayo peninsula where these waters are productive twelve months of the year.

Sailing Tours:  Guanacaste is a sailor’s paradise.  Warm winds and easy currents provide for an exceptional sailing experience.  Whether you are interested in a day beach and snorkeling cruise, surf expedition private charter or rental we will find the perfect cruise / boat to match your interest or sailing skill level.

Surfing Tours: The Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica (especially the Tamarindo area) has become home to a thriving international community of surfers, opening its doors to surf and sun seeking travelers from all over the world. The province, town and neighboring Playa Grande and the surrounding area is a virtual swell magnet in Costa Rica and holds an array of first rate waves. Top breaks such as Ollie’s Point, Playa Negra and Witches Rock, plus many more spots within walking distance of this paradise on the Pacific, ensure you will be logging lots of hours in the water. With its natural surroundings, white sandy beaches, warm climate and laidback vibe, the coastal beach town of Tamarindo provides a great respite from the daily routines of life back home while offering the perfect surfing experience for all levels and tastes.

Kayak Adventures: The perfect activity to get up close and personal with your natural surroundings.  Explore the wonders of the regions rivers and coast meandering through the slow estuary waters shaded by extensive mangroves. Spotting birds, iguanas and crocodiles basking on the sun-drenched riverbanks are just a few of the highlights!  If the mangrove is not your style and are looking for more adventure, snorkeling kayak tours are the perfect alternative. Ocean kayak to uninhabited natural areas where you will spend hours snorkeling and exploring volcanic rock and shell covered islands. A perfect tour for the whole family, or group and you can choose between a single or double kayaks.

Rainforest & Volcano Adventure Center:  Experience a full day of adventure at this all inclusive adventure center located on the slopes of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano.  This tour packs several of Costa Rica's most popular activities into one exciting, fun-filled day.  Begin your day with a thrilling 12-platform canopy tour, and then take things down a notch with a walk across Buena Vista's hanging bridges. Situated high above the forest canopy, these bridges present you with a wonderful opportunity to spot tropical birds and other wildlife. Next up is a fast-flying, 400-meter waterslide through the forest, inviting big smiles as you zip, twist and turn down the contours of the slippery chute. Rest and relax with a wonderful buffet lunch then its off again with a rainforest ride on horseback or behind a tractor-pulled cart to a natural volcano hot spring spa. Here, all stress will melt away as you soak in the thermal hot springs or relax in the steam and mud baths.  Additional tours in the arean include hiking Rincon de la Vieja National Park

The Palo Verde National Park:  Located on the banks of the Rio Tempisque the Palo Verde National Parks is one of the best wildlife and bird watching spots in Costa Rica.The remote wetland sanctuary harbors one of Central Americas largest concentration of aquatic birds and is the most important migratory bird site of the Mesoamerican Pacific.  Hemmed in by limestone hills and rivers, the lowlands of the Tempisque basin become a vast area of wetlands in rainy season. Towards the end of the rainy season Palo Verde is home to at least 250,000 birds. For bird watching however dry season (Jan - April) is the best time to visit the reserve because waters largely subside and the park's many birds cluster by the remaining marshes and waterholes. Observing the fauna is particularly good because in dry season there is little vegetation to obstruct views of the roosting birds.  Travel by guided river boat where your naturalists point out the wonders of this national park. Witness the transit of thousands of different birds, local and migratory. Observe a wide variety of animals such as: Piches, Jesus birds, Macaws, Herons (Egretta Thula), Tiger Herons, Guacacos, Wood Storks, Jabiru birds, Wild turkeys, Kingfishers, Iguanas, Common Basilisks, American Crocodiles, Coatis, Raccoons, Capuchin and Howler Monkeys, deers and a lot more.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park:  This 34,800 acre national park is home to an intriguing combination of volcanic geological wonders and pristine tropical forests that span six ecological zones. Of course the main attraction is the smooth cinder cone volcano, Rincon de la Vieja (6217 ft, 1895 m), comprising of nine contiguous craters that dot the volcanic national park. Among the craters is the Santa Maria Volcano, the highest peak at 6,385 feet (1916 m). This collection of volcanic peaks are the most active in the Guanacaste Mountains where major volcanic activity occurred during the latter half of the 1960's. The Von Seebach crater is still currently active, continually venting steam and the occasional volcanic hiccup.  Tropical forests, including sections of mountain and dwarf cloud forest, span the park's base, providing safe haven for a host of flora and fauna. Mammals include pumas, jaguar, monkeys-howler, spider, and white-faced-kinkajous, sloths, and tapirs. The east side of the park is exposed to Atlantic trade winds bringing a large amount of rainfall. A drenching 200 inches (500 cm) is liable to fall in any given year, covering the mountainside with lush vegetation. Conversely, the Pacific side has a distinct dry season-February to April-making it ideal for visitors wanting to hike the higher elevations.  Exciting adventures around the park include hiking, canyon canopy tours, Rio Negro tubing, horseback rides, volcanic mud bath and thermal hot springs at Rio Negro and fabulous waterfall hikes and rappelling.

Leatherback Turtle Tour: Guanacaste and Playa Grande is a very important nesting beach for the Leatherback Turtle (Baula is the Spanish name for this species). This is the world's largest and most wide-ranging sea turtle, nesting in beaches from Surinam to Malaysia with some found as far north as Iceland and Scandinavia. Leatherbacks arrive at Tamarindo in early October and nest until March, with the peak of activity occurring during November and December. 

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